Student Loan Solution

The YourLoanAdviser Solution is the only fully-integrated private student loan solution that includes administration, origination, servicing and insurance

The YourLoanAdviser(R) Solution

To help lenders expand their customer base and grow their profits, we launched The YourLoanAdviser Solution: the only fully-integrated private student loan solution that includes administration, origination, servicing and insurance. With 25 years of comprehensive private student loan analytics, YourLoanAdviser delivers the technology and data-driven analytics that enable lenders to offer a complete, secure loan to student borrowers.

As a third-party provider, we are routinely audited by our insurance regulators, so you know you’re partnering with a company that’s compliant, trustworthy and transparent. For lenders looking to enter or develop their presence in the private student loan market, our turnkey private student loan solution makes educational lending simpler, smarter and more secure. Get it all with The YourLoanAdviser Solution, including:

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Stability & Experience

Stability & Experience

Tap into the knowledge of the private student loan experts

When you choose The YourLoanAdviser Solution, you’re partnering with student loan experts — and your business will be in experienced, trusted hands. Our team will bring it all to the table: in-depth industry knowledge, loan protection and risk mitigation, and proven performance to help you expand your customer base and maximize program success. Don’t let complexity or uncertainty prevent you from entering the booming private student loan market. Let YourLoanAdviser experts help take you there!

Stable. Disciplined. And ready to deliver.

YourLoanAdviser was founded in 2006 by private student loan industry veterans who believed that a data-driven solution would enable lenders to capitalize on a secure, low-risk investment that meets their internal financial thresholds. Leveraging its proprietary modeling, YourLoanAdviser has decades of proven financial stability as student loan experts. We have insured loans issued by over 400 financial institutions, to students attending colleges and universities in all 50 states.

The YourLoanAdviser Solution is backed by 25 years of private student loan analytics, covering $14 billion in loans to over 900,000 borrowers. Using predictive modeling and insightful metrics, we’ll help you:

  • Accurately assess loan risk and expected delinquencies
  • Minimize loan defaults
  • Preserve your returns

The YourLoanAdviser team has 700+ years of combined student loan and insurance experience, and is helping to shape the future of this growing asset category.

Our conservative approach includes maintaining actuary-verified reserves and a strong surplus that:

  • Ensures ample reserves and capital to cover all potential future claims
  • Is solidified by our advanced pricing, risk selection and effective default prevention and loan recovery methods

We’re the student loan experts and have played a key role in helping lenders fund the educational aspirations of countless students — at not-for-profit, public and private colleges and universities in all 50 states. Our client lineup includes:

  • More than 500 originating and participating lenders
  • 20+ originators and servicers

Now let us show your bank how to capitalize on this low-risk investment opportunity!

Student Loan Insurance

Student Loan Insurance

Up to 100% loan protection, 100% investment confidence

With The YourLoanAdviser Solution, you’re investing in the promising private student loan asset class with total confidence. From our stringent underwriting criteria and analytics-driven predictive modeling to our comprehensive student loan insurance with up to 100% loan protection, your business is covered and your opportunity is assured. At YourLoanAdviser, we work hard so you can rest easy.

We manage the risk, you get the reward.

Whether you’re launching a private student loan program or trying to take your current program to the next level, YourLoanAdviser is the solution provider you need to get the results your business demands—without risk or worry. You can count on The YourLoanAdviser Solution and our experienced loan specialists to help guide you through the process and deliver the resources and tools that will safeguard your investment.

You can tailor your private student loan insurance program — by adjusting interest rates and other variables — to match your preferred level of risk and your expected return. Together, we’ll plan your program for optimal results by identifying factors such as:

  • Portfolio valuation and performance
  • Impact of underwriting criteria on your loan portfolio and return
  • Expected results and metrics compared to industry measures

Leveraging our precise predictive modeling tools, which are based on 25 years of detailed loan analytics on over 900,000 borrowers, we’ll deliver the hard data that will help you avoid high risks and optimize your investment. Metrics include:

  • Impact of factors such as credit score and income level on loan risk
  • Delinquency and default forecasts
  • Accurate projections of overall portfolio performance

We’ve insured over $2 billion in private student loans.

Rest assured, no one knows private student loan insurance like your YourLoanAdviser professionals. It’s our legacy and the cornerstone of The YourLoanAdviser Solution. So you can embrace this opportunity knowing your bottom line is protected, with:

  • Up to 100% student loan loss insurance—with all principal and accrued interest insured
  • Comprehensive loan underwriting, origination and servicing
  • Full default prevention on your insured portfolio
  • A surety bond for each loan issued during the bond year—with complete, transferable coverage good for the life of the loan

Origination & Servicing

Student Loan Origination & Servicing

A program designed to do it all for you

Perhaps the best aspect of The YourLoanAdviser Solution is that you can add value for your customers without adding to your staff or technology infrastructure. Our program covers all the critical student loan origination and servicing details for you, offering comprehensive resources, proven expertise and responsive support from start to finish. Now, with just a minor effort on your part, you can have a major impact on your business!

Our technology makes implementation easy.

Our technology is the engine that drives The YourLoanAdviser Solution fostering everything from underwriting new loans to online account access, mobile payments, flexible repayment options, a highly secure data infrastructure and more — so you get the most out of your private student loan opportunity.

Our technology infrastructure and experienced team deliver a program that has the convenience your customers want, the individual support they need and the security your business demands. We offer:

  • Fully integrated web, mobile or call center-based payments
  • Proprietary YourLoanAdviser Servicing System (RSS) platform designed exclusively for private student loans
  • Borrower online account access
  • Regulatory compliance and operational risk monitoring and testing
  • Comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery

Our YourLoanAdviser team’s over 700 years combined private student loan and insurance experience delivers unparalleled customer-centric solutions.

Our industry-leading student loan origination platform enables our experienced team to know exactly what steps to take and which pitfalls to avoid. We’ll manage:

  • Taking applications, underwriting individual loans and managing loan documentation securely, all in the name of your brand
  • Disbursing funds
  • Providing mandated disclosures and adhering to the requirements of:
    • o Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
    • o Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
    • o Federal Reserve Board
    • o Insurance examiners and state regulators
    • o Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)

Our team of private student lending experts has the payment tools and personal touch to help generate the return you expect while preserving your bank’s reputation. Count on us to:

  • Maintain borrower contact throughout the loan term
  • Manage timely loan payment processing and credit bureau reporting
  • Advise borrowers on multiple and flexible repayment options
  • Perform effective, relationship-based collections and file default claims, when necessary



Driving your success at every step

Our 25+ years of experience in the private student loan asset class allows you to build on our solid foundation. With the YourLoanAdviser Solution, you get superior private student loan program support every step of the way — from designing your custom program to complying with evolving regulations to marketing loans to your customers, and more. This ensures your program runs smoothly, avoids setbacks and delivers the return you deserve.

Built for you, run by us.

Our comprehensive student loan program support starts at square one — by defining your overall business goals and how you want to engage in the growing private student loan asset class. Everything is designed with you in mind, and you can tap our expert team to help build a program tailored to your strategic needs. Then, you can leave program management to us, with confidence that we’ll help you make the most of your opportunity.

We work with a diverse array of financial institutions and they each have a specific set of program goals and expectations. We’ll help you clarify your objectives, determine your desired risk level and then design your program to deliver on-target results. Rest assured, your private student loan program will be:

  • 100% managed by YourLoanAdviser experts
  • Budget friendly with a low cost of entry
  • Strategically coordinated with timing, messaging and complete marketing recommendations
  • Safe and secure—we’ll lock down your data and safeguard your customer’s privacy

We’ll give you the facts you need to choose the right approach for your bank, including:

  • Detailed data and analytics to assist potential buyers in their analysis
  • Insurance coverage that follows the loan upon sale
  • Loan servicing that provides trouble-free ownership transfer
  • Advocating for you in discussions with potential buyers

There are more than 50 federal and state regulatory compliance agencies that are engaged with private student loans, and we will help you navigate them all.

As a highly regulated institution, we understand what it takes to run a successful—and compliant—financial operation. Armed with this knowledge, we can help you prepare for and respond to your regulators, including:

  • Ensuring compliance in disclosure requirements, loan approvals, disbursements to schools and more
  • Providing exam assistance to verify that all documentation is on-spec
  • Coordinating annual due diligence packages