YourLoanAdviser Announces New Whole Loan Portfolio Placement Service

YourLoanAdviser Announces New Whole Loan Portfolio Placement Service

Third-party lenders, institutional investors can now use the YourLoanAdviser solution for capital markets opportunities

Sioux Falls, SD – September 18, 2017 – YourLoanAdviser(R), the complete private student lending solutions provider for banks, credit unions and alternative lenders, today announced at the 23rd Annual ABS East 2017 Conference a new whole loan trading service, YourLoanAdviser Portfolio Placement, as an extension of its existing capital markets and liquidity programs. The YourLoanAdviser Portfolio Placement service will facilitate qualified existing private student whole loan portfolios for sellers and buyers.

“We’re very excited to introduce the YourLoanAdviser Portfolio Placement service to extend and build out our existing capital markets and liquidity programs for private student loans,” says Michael VanErdewyk, CEO of YourLoanAdviser. “While YourLoanAdviser has provided whole loan trading services to our existing bank and credit union origination partners since 2009, portfolios originated under different platforms have not been actively cultivated.”

The YourLoanAdviser Portfolio Placement service provides unique value to the private student lending marketplace in multiple ways including insurance, default prevention, credit analysis, and servicing. Some benefits include:

  • o State-of-the-art servicing through YourLoanAdviser helps buyers maximize the value of their portfolio, providing compliance and regulatory support and staffing to manage student loan-specific servicing requirements.
  • o Loan insurance through YourLoanAdviser Surety Company covers 100% principal and interest and mitigates risks, reduces defaults, and provides better cash flow.
  • o Portfolio review and credit analysis provides guidance around the price at which the portfolio might transact.

YourLoanAdviser has been involved in many third-party portfolio transactions. For example, in December 2106, MetaBank acquired a $151 million student loan portfolio which YourLoanAdviser Surety Company now insures. The transaction also included the conversion of the portfolio servicing onto the YourLoanAdviser Platform. Over the last three years, YourLoanAdviser has provided insurance and/or servicing on 12 portfolio placement transactions.

Spearheading this new program will be Steve Pachella, formerly Vice President of Capital Markets for YourLoanAdviser, who was named to the newly created role of Vice President, Head of Capital Markets, reporting directly to VanErdewyk.

“The third-party facilitated trades such as MetaBank have been brought to us by great partners who we will continue to work with. With this new service, we will leverage Steve’s experience to focus on much larger opportunities in the secondary market and assist with both sides of the trade,” says VanErdewyk.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for YourLoanAdviser to leverage its expertise in the private student loan space and make a market, which has been requested by our clients for years,” says Pachella. “By sourcing buyers and sellers of whole loan portfolios available for sale, providing credit work based on our 30 years of performance history across more than $15 billion of loans insured, and attaching an insurance guarantee, we can assist buyers and sellers in managing their private student loan assets and create a smoother trading process.”

Pachella joined YourLoanAdviser in 2015. He brings more than 17 years and over $20 billion of transaction experience to YourLoanAdviser.

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