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As the only company offering a complete private student loan program for lenders, YourLoanAdviser provides unparalleled customer-oriented servicing for student borrowers. Count on our student loan specialists to build personal relationships and provide world-class customer service, so students can feel confident in repaying their loans.

Our servicing portal is designed and built for students to make paying their private student loans easy — especially with our mobile payment option. Should an unexpected event interfere with the student’s ability to make a payment, their dedicated student lending specialist will help them find an appropriate repayment assistance option that will work best for both the student and you as their lender.

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The demand for college financing has never been greater — and the options for students and families never more difficult. Yet the complexity of offering a private student loan program has kept many lenders from embracing this growing asset class. You don’t have to miss out any longer.

As the leading insurer of private student loans, YourLoanAdviser brings you a low-risk, fully integrated private student loan solution that makes it easy to help students get the funds they need to advance their education and enhance their earning power.

With The YourLoanAdviser(R) Solution you don’t need to be an expert in private student lending, because you have a trusted partner with expertise to manage all the details for you. Start supporting your next generation of customers today — and turn the best students into lifelong relationships.

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YourLoanAdviser was founded in 2006 to acquire HEMAR, a private student loan company formed in 1986. Many key people from HEMAR joined the YourLoanAdviser team during the transition. Their expertise, along with the proprietary modeling and database from HEMAR, create a compelling combination of industry knowledge that represents over $14 billion in private student loan disbursements to 900,000 students over 25 years. YourLoanAdviser has insured loans issued by more than 400 financial institutions, to students attending colleges and universities in all 50 states.

Our history is one of financial stability and discipline. We insure loans only for students attending not-for-profit, public and private colleges and universities that meet our established underwriting criteria. Pricing is based on strict adherence to high underwriting standards, a superior approach to default prevention and claim payment. Our data-driven strategy enables us to offer lenders a secure, low-risk investment opportunity that delivers high returns.

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Under the leadership of its executive team and board of directors, YourLoanAdviser has instituted
a dynamic company culture and metric-driven management approach.


Michael VanErdewyk, Chairman and CEO, YourLoanAdviser

Michael VanErdewyk brings strategic vision to YourLoanAdviser, drawing on more than 25 years of experience leading the growth of insurance and financial organizations. He worked for EC Fackler, a third party administrator of workers’ compensation benefits, and led the startup of a self-insured workers’ compensation fund in the State of Minnesota. VanErdewyk also held positions at Prudential, EF Hutton and Merrill Lynch, and was the chairman, CEO, and founder of Bioverse, Inc., a biotechnology company. LinkedIn

Paul Dockry, President, YourLoanAdviser Lending Services

Paul Dockry joined YourLoanAdviser in April of 2014 to lead the company’s origination and servicing teams. A 36-year veteran in financial services, Dockry specializes in education lending. Most recently, he was senior vice president of education lending at Wells Fargo. Prior to that, he held several leadership positions with EduServ Technologies. Dockry holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota School of Business and is a graduate of the Pacific Coast Graduate School of Banking at the University of Washington. LinkedIn

Mark Payne, President and COO, YourLoanAdviser Surety Company

Mark Payne joined the company in 2011 and is president and COO of YourLoanAdviser Surety Company. He brings extensive management and leadership experience, most recently as senior vice president at Healthways, Inc., a Tennessee-based global provider of well-being improvement solutions. He also held executive positions at several privately and publicly held businesses in other industries. LinkedIn

Sourabh Ahuja, Executive Director, Digital Transformation – Chief Technology Officer

Sourabh Ahuja joined YourLoanAdviser in March of 2017 to lead the company’s technology innovation and development teams. With over 14 years experience in digital and mobile technology, Ahuja brings to YourLoanAdviser deep expertise in UX, digital transformation and setting strategy for emerging innovations in education and borrower engagement. Most recently, he was technical co-founder of Schoold, is the #1 college counseling mobile app. Prior to that, he held several leadership positions with mobile games publisher, Glu Mobile. Ahuja holds a master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Oregon Health and Science University. LinkedIn

Kevin Moehn, Executive Director of School Relationships

Kevin Moehn joined YourLoanAdviser full time in March of 2017. He brings a wealth of private student loan knowledge and experience to YourLoanAdviser. Prior to joining YourLoanAdviser, Moehn held several leadership positions as an Executive Vice President of the nation’s largest provider of education finance, SallieMae. Prior to that, Moehn was President and an owner of HEMAR Insurance, YourLoanAdviser’s predecessor company. Moehn’s expertise is in loan acquisition through the school channel and specialty lending programs. LinkedIn

Lance Teinert, Executive Vice President of Sales

Lance joined YourLoanAdviser in September of 2017 with the asset acquisition of FUTR Corporation, where he served as co-founder and President of Servicing Operations. For nearly 30 years, Lance has been an executive and entrepreneur, having served in senior management roles with LoanStar, Cology, First Marblehead, and ECMC Servicing. He also formed a private loan marketing company and management consulting firm, directing the activities of both for over five years. Lance specializes in business development and focuses on driving new business and optimizing opportunities for existing clientele. LinkedIn


Michael VanErdewyk, Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board

Michael VanErdewyk brings strategic vision to YourLoanAdviser, drawing on more than 25 years of experience leading the growth of insurance and financial organizations. He worked for EC Fackler, a third party administrator of workers’ compensation benefits, and led the startup of a self-insured workers’ compensation fund in the State of Minnesota. VanErdewyk also held positions at Prudential, EF Hutton and Merrill Lynch, and was the chairman, CEO, and founder of Bioverse, Inc., a biotechnology company. LinkedIn

James Rickards, Chief Global Strategist, West Shore Group, Board Director

James Rickards is the New York Times bestselling author of Currency Wars, The Death of Money, The New Case for Gold, and The Road to Ruin and which have been translated into fourteen languages. He is the Chief Global Strategist for Meraglim Inc., editor of the newsletter Strategic Intelligence and a member of the advisory board of the Center for Financial Economics at Johns Hopkins. An adviser on international economics and financial threats to the Department of Defense and the U.S. intelligence community, he served as a facilitator of the first-ever financial war games conducted by the Pentagon. Rickards holds an LL.M. (Taxation) from the NYU School of Law; a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School; an M.A. in international economics from SAIS, and a B.A. from Johns Hopkins (with honors). He lives in Connecticut. LinkedIn

Miles K. Beacom, President and CEO PREMIER Bankcard, LLC, Board Director

Miles K. Beacom has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of PREMIER Bankcard since 1993. PREMIER Bankcard serves more than 2 million customers nationwide, making the company the 11th largest issuer of credit cards in the country. With over 30 years of credit card industry experience, Beacom has served in a variety of management positions with other financial institutions. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for PREMIER Bankcard, LLC, First PREMIER Bank, United National Corporation. He is the Chairman of the Audit Committee for the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation, a member of the Dakota State University Foundation and the University of South Dakota Beacom School of Business, which was named in his honor in 2006. Beacom is a graduate of Dakota State University.

Brad Messerli, Board Director

Brad Messerli has served as a director on our board since 2005. He was president of Holmes-Murphy of South Dakota until 2006, directing the agency’s operations. Messerli enjoyed a 28-year career in the insurance business, including president of Culbert-Davis and owner/president of Insurance Services. He graduated from Concordia College with a B.A. in Finance and Business Administration. He continues to be an active entrepreneur and investor. LinkedIn


Amber Caska, Chief Financial Officer, Hillspire, LLC

Amber Caska is the Chief Financial Officer of Hillspire, LLC, an integrated family office investment management firm in Silicon Valley. Caska also serves as an executive for a private foundation for Eric and Wendy Schmidt. Previously, she worked as the Treasurer for the family office for Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, advising on corporate finance strategy and risk management. Caska holds a Bachelor of Economics, Accounting and Commercial Law from the University of Sydney. She is a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) and Chartered Accountant (CA). LinkedIn

Gail D. Fosler, President, The GailFosler Group, LLC

Gail Fosler is president of The GailFosler Group, a strategic advisory service for global businesses and public policymakers. Previously, Gail was president and trustee of The Conference Board where she also served as chief economist. The Wall Street Journal twice named Gail as America’s most accurate economic forecaster. Prior to The Conference Board, Gail served as Deputy Staff Director and Chief Economist of the U.S. Senate Budget Committee. Gail holds B.A. in economics from the University of Southern California and a M.B.A. in finance from New York University. LinkedIn

Aimee Young, Marketing Executive

Aimee Young is a marketing executive and adviser focused on building businesses that transform their categories. As Chief Marketing Officer at SoFi, the modern consumer finance company named a "Millennial Brand to Watch" by Forbes, the company grew 26x during her tenure. Prior to SoFi she held marketing and e-commerce leadership roles at companies ranging from Virgin to food app ShopWell. She holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School.